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Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song
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Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song


The story of the Carter Family is unlike any in country music history, so it is fitting that its biography follows suit. This graphic novel goes deeper than the family's musical success; it dives into the real struggles of a family living in southern America in the early 1900s. Comes with a bonus CD of Carter Family tunes.

Don't Forget This Song is the story of the Carter Family - the first superstar group of country music - who made hundreds of recordings and sold millions of records between 1927 and 1943. This rich and compelling original graphic novel is not only a unique biography, but a moving account that reveals the family's rise to success, their struggles along the way, and their impact on contemporary music. Illustrated with exacting detail and written in the Southern dialect of the time, its narrative is pure Americana. It is also a story of success and failure, of poverty and wealth, of racism and tolerance, of creativity and business, and of the enduring power of music and love.


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